8 Tips if you’re in a Creative Rut

We all have those times where for the life of us we simply can not come up with content to our art or passion. It happens to the best of us and sometimes we need that time to truly bring our best work.

So here is 8 tips I came up with to help get out of a creative runt!

  1. Go outside– Nature is a beautiful piece of inspiration. Walk around a park to get your creative juices flowing or simply sit outside your backyard and watch the clouds pass by. I guarantee you will be inspired to create!
  2. Look at past work– If you are truly in a deep creative rut, recreate past work. This will give you a chance to improve techniques and see how your talent has grown!
  3. Reflect on life– Think about what’s going on in your life currently for a bit and simply reflect on recent events and feelings. It’s possible that you’ve been in a creative rut because of stress or lack of sufficient time to create due to a busy week. Reflecting can help you manage time and ease stress.
  4. Throw your feelings into your work– Whether you’re a dancer, painter, blogger, or sculptor, you can produce great work based on your feelings. There is no rule to creativity and the limit is your imagination (as cliche as it is, it’s true). This is something that truly helps me get out of a creative rut. Some of my best work came from painting my feelings.
  5. Collab– Hit up other artists/like passioned creators and render a collaboration piece!
  6. Teach your passion to someone else– This can be one in form of a class or even just to a few friends. You never know what may come out of teaching someone your passion. It can be very inspiring both you and the person you are teaching.
  7. Look to the internet/social media for inspiration– This is not to say it is okay to “copy” someone else’s work but rather get inspired by others’ work to get some ideas.
  8. Visit a place of inspiration for your passion– A museum or a dance studio is a sure way to get inspired to create.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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