8 Tips if you’re in a Creative Rut

We all have those times where for the life of us we simply can not come up with content to our art or passion. It happens to the best of us and sometimes we need that time to truly bring our best work.

So here is 8 tips I came up with to help get out of a creative runt!

  1. Go outside– Nature is a beautiful piece of inspiration. Walk around a park to get your creative juices flowing or simply sit outside your backyard and watch the clouds pass by. I guarantee you will be inspired to create!
  2. Look at past work– If you are truly in a deep creative rut, recreate past work. This will give you a chance to improve techniques and see how your talent has grown!
  3. Reflect on life– Think about what’s going on in your life currently for a bit and simply reflect on recent events and feelings. It’s possible that you’ve been in a creative rut because of stress or lack of sufficient time to create due to a busy week. Reflecting can help you manage time and ease stress.
  4. Throw your feelings into your work– Whether you’re a dancer, painter, blogger, or sculptor, you can produce great work based on your feelings. There is no rule to creativity and the limit is your imagination (as cliche as it is, it’s true). This is something that truly helps me get out of a creative rut. Some of my best work came from painting my feelings.
  5. Collab– Hit up other artists/like passioned creators and render a collaboration piece!
  6. Teach your passion to someone else– This can be one in form of a class or even just to a few friends. You never know what may come out of teaching someone your passion. It can be very inspiring both you and the person you are teaching.
  7. Look to the internet/social media for inspiration– This is not to say it is okay to “copy” someone else’s work but rather get inspired by others’ work to get some ideas.
  8. Visit a place of inspiration for your passion– A museum or a dance studio is a sure way to get inspired to create.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

5 Reasons to Solo Travel

When traveling, many people don’t consider traveling alone. A friend or family member is always in mind, but let me tell you that solo traveling is AMAZING.

Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider solo traveling for your next getaway:

  1. Liberty to set your own itinerary- When you travel alone you have the freedom to set your own itinerary. There’s no waiting on your friends to finish doing their hair before you can leave the hotel, or there’s no need for a vote on whether to leave the museum early. You set your own time and rules and do what you want. It’s wonderful.
  2. Self discovery– Every solo trip I have ever taken has given me a greater sense of purpose. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things more.  Solo traveling gives you the freedom and power to feel confident in what you do. Since you don’t have anyone to talk to [because you’re traveling alone], you get a chance to get lost in your thoughts and learn a little more about yourself along the way.

    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. 

    -Marcel Proust

  3. Meet new people– Personally, I have met so many cool new people from all over the world through solo traveling. Staying at hostels is a great way to meet people on a solo trip! I stayed at The Green Tortoise in San Fransisco on a solo trip and fell in love! I remember walking up the stairs at 4 in the morning and being greeted by six very interesting and free spirited individuals having a jam session in the cafeteria lounge. A lot of these people have their own story and reason why they’re there and I loved listening to everyone’s stories and experiences.
  4. Financial Freedom– You can spend as much or as little as you want on your trip. It’s totally up to you!
  5. THE EXPERIENCE!– Traveling on its own is an adventure in its self. Traveling alone allows you to experience travel in a different light. It’s a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. There is no telling what solo traveling can do for you.

All in all, I truly believe solo traveling is a great way to adventure out and see the world and I encourage travelers to give it a try.



7 Steps to having a productive morning (without your phone)

We all know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning and while it’s super easy to roll over in bed and grab your phone that is most likely extremely close by…. DON’T! We know that that quick Instagram check is going to turn into 20-30 minutes and then you just won’t feel like getting up. My solution to this problem is simple; just place your phone further from your bedside.

Now that your phone is no longer a distraction, here is a list of seven steps on how to wake up in a better mood (if you’re not a morning person, like me) and have a productive morning to start the day!

I’d first like to start off by saying that I think the most important part (at least for me) of starting off to having a good day is waking up in a good mood and feeling good about yourself as well as your surroundings.

  1. Stretch- The very first thing I like to do when I wake up is stretch. It allows me to physically wake up and gain some energy for battling the day.
  2. Open the blinds- Opening the blinds allows some sunlight into your room which will open those drowsy eyes and will prepare you for the day. This could be a good time to look out the window and reflect.
  3. Read affirmations- This is a step that has to be done before hand but will surely boost your mood everyday! You can either buy a book or calendar with mantras/affirmations already in them, or you can print your own! Some examples of great affirmations to get the day started include: “Today I will be amazing at everything I do”, “I will treat others with kindness today”, “I am worth love and happiness”.  Be consistent and make sure to read these affirmations every morning.
  4. Make your bed- This is a very important task that must be completed in order to start and end your day productive. Who doesn’t like who come home from a busy day to a nicely made bed?
  5. Groom yourself- Brush your teeth and hair and wash your face! Washing your face with some cold water is amazing in the morning. That splash of cold water is sure to wake you up, and it has health benefits such as: closing your pores so that dirt will not enter and working as an anti-wrinkle agent.
  6. Gear up- Get dressed, pack your backpack, your lunch, and any other essentials you will need for the day. This step is important to keep you prepared for the day.
  7. Plan!– It’s essential to plan for the day/week so you don’t get stressed out about forgetting to do something or procrastinating. You can use a planner or

With practice, these simple steps can easily help you get out of bed more quickly and with lots more energy!